“Dhl Relocations” started functioning. The name, in a way, spelt out the intended ambit of the firm's activities: relocation of household goods. There have always been many “players” of this “game”; but, after the first few tentative steps, the new baby gained confidence and became an expert. This is a brief history of our company's beginnings.

We started our service with only one lorry, one office and a small team. And, now the business is growing impressively. We have successfully managed to grow and possess a team of creative and experienced professionals working with customers from all the corners of the world. It was a family-operated business. And, though the business has grown, we have a stable company with professionals. From the very first day, quality of service has been our core principle.

Our Services

We always take extra care to the quality of our services. We have adopted innovative methods and practices in order to bring differentiation in our services and to give our customers a pleasant and hassle-free business experience. Our services can be personalized to meet the unique and specific requirements of our clients. Our services can be categorized into following categories -
  • Car Shifting Service
  • Transportation Services
  • Packing Services
  • Loading & Unloading Service
  • Custom Clearance Service
  • Unpacking Service
  • Warehousing Service
  • Home Shifting Service
  • Office Moving Service
  • Insurance Service

Infrastructure & Workforce

we are equipped with sophisticated infrastructural facilities that ensure swift as well as smooth services to our customers. Our entire substructure comprises of -
  • A team of trained and experienced experts who carry out their tasks without giving any damage to your goods.
  • Quality services that ensures the safety of your goods and valuables through the use of quality packaging material.
  • Use of the latest technology equipment, such as - car trailers, hydraulic elevators, high speed vehicles to ensure the fast delivery of services.
  • Safe door to door shipping and handling of goods that ensure complete convenience for our customers.